No one exactly knows how fast technology is evolving, but a look at the gaming world gives us an inkling of the speed at which it’s happening.  It’s so blinding fast, that every time a game is launched, we have to rush to acquaint ourselves with it, lest it gets predated by another advancement in technology. In this blog, we will be talking about 3 promising technologies, which till recently were struggling to come off age, but now seem to have fully evolved to push, if not break, the limits of game creation.

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality is one technology with unlimited potential to transform gaming. It literally flings players into the midst of the scene they are viewing, to ensures they live through every pulsating experience of gaming, Though the technology has had a long period of gestation, it has finally evolved from a clunky desk-mounted device to a snappy head-mounted display box which can take us straightaway into virtual worlds. The upcoming Oculus Rift, slated for a March release features a massive 107 degree field view with built-in immersive stereoscopic 3D rendering capabilities.

A modern smartphone coupled with powerful apps provide a strong base to build a virtual reality headset. So down the years, gaming could well mean, strapping your face to your phone for an immersive roller coaster down to the wire ride.

Augmented Reality

Have you used the app Wikitude? Download it and point your smartphone towards your surroundings. What you get to see is nearby restaurants, ATMs, hotels etc. Well that’s what augmented reality is all about — taking the real world of the present and projecting digital imagery into it.

So what can augmented reality actually do the gaming world? It can add a virtual layer atop the real world making players feel like being in the thick of things. To play chess, all you may need is wear a pair of cast AR glasses (a company which develops augmented reality glasses for gaming) and stare at a table, where a board would appear from nowhere along with another player.

Smartphones have all the necessary components to nurture this technology and so, a host of commercial augmented reality applications targeting mobile devices have found their way into the market. For the gaming world, this technology opens up a window of possibilities.

Cloud Gaming

Cloud gaming is all about streaming gameplay videos to your computer, but in an interactive way. Controller input actions are sent over the network to the cloud gaming server making this a great way of live gaming. GaaS or Gaming as a Service has been here for some time with companies like NVIDIA GRID, Gaming anywhere and Amazon Web Service showing the way.

This form of gaming will catch up in the days to come, because free-to-play titles generate more trust and interest than $60 retail titles. If players don’t like the game, they can move on to something else without having to lose anything. With internet getting reliable and faster by the day, it’s just a matter of time before cloud gaming technology rules the gaming world altogether.

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