Do you have a mobile strategy to run your eCommerce store? If you do, is apps the cornerstone of your strategy? If not, then you are turning away a third of your potential customers.This is the inference drawn by a comScore study. Other studies too have thrown up some eye popping statistics: seventy-eight percent of users, prefer mobile apps over mobile browsers on smartphones and that sixty seven percent of mobile shoppers only use apps from their favorite brands.

Here’s the case of, an online store which sells gifts for mothers and babies. The owner Jacquelyn Myers didn’t want to be discovered just through organic traffic. Instead, she was looking for a platform to tempt visitors to her ecommerce store.  And there couldn’t be a better platform than Facebook? She soon leveraged an app to showcase and sell products directly on her Facebook Page. And the results were amazing. Her online stores sales went up by a whopping 50%. In this article, we will talk about some eCommerce apps which can propel your business to dizzying heights.

Facebook Store/Storefront Social/Shop Tab

This app developed by Shopify lets you display and sell products on your Facebook Page. It has an interesting feature to help you increase your stores likes. You can permit only those who have “liked” your page to view your store.

10sec/ Insta Orders

User-generated photos are a great way to draw customers to your fold. As Instagram is reported to give brands 25% more engagement than other social media platform integrating an instagram app can help you promote sales in more creative ways. With 10sec you just need a photo of an item with Instagram, use the hashtag “#10sec,” add the price including shipping in the caption area, and post. InstaOrders is like 10sec does not manage payment transactions

Product Upsell/8Upsell/Unlimited Upsell

With this app, you can offer your customers parallel products when they checkout. This is a good way to redirect their attention to items relevant to what they were looking for. They may take a fancy to an item and end up buying it. This app can also be used to run “Buy One and Get One” promotions.

Abandon aid/ Abandon App

You can’t stop buyers from abandoning the cart. However, you can coax them to come back by reminding them of the aborted cart. Apps like Abandon Aid lets you send a note to a customer reminding them of their incomplete action. It’s simple and automatic. Likewise Abandon App helps you complete analysis on the users that abandoned the site.

Email Pirate App/Emma/Mail Chimp

Not all those who come to your site may be interested in your newsletters. Email Pirate can be used to promote email subscriptions amongst all your users. You can also use it to track user behavior so that you can segment your customers based on their behavior prior to opting in. But adding users can do you little good unless you undertake a good email campaign. Emma and MailChimp help you craft the write campaign and view and analyze your campaign reports.


If you want to keep your customers happy you need to resolve issues fast.  This app helps to picks relevant customer data and places it right on the support tickets a company uses to track issues.


With live chat and support you can drive out confusion from the mind of the customers during the buying cycle. Olark gives you direct access to your customers. Besides, it helps you to view cart contents for each visitor based on which you can offer upsells.

Lexity Retargeting

Lexity app helps you serve incessant reminders to customers who didn’t close a sale with personalized display of ads on other sites.  So chances of customer returning to close the sale is always high.


A good way to attract new customers is by referrals. But why should your customers refer you unless they stand to gain. ReferralCandy is a tool with which you can dole out incentives to buyers for referring you to someone. You can customize your incentives, such as coupons, and email it to them with this handy tool. While all of these apps can be of immense help, you too can, in due course, build your own app to connect with your customers. In fact, some brands have used their ecommerce mobile apps to script awe inspiring success stories. Who knows, toeing their line may also take your business to dizzying heights.