What makes Drupal a Highly Secure Platform? How We Assist You Enhance the Security of Your Drupal Application

Dec 22, 2021
Drupal web Devolopment

Every website uses a CMS to deliver content to visitors. WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla are the big 3 names in the CMS industry and combined hold over 70% of the total market. Every CMS is unique and offers a variety of features. WordPress and Joomla are considered easy to use, whereas Drupal provides a robust security suite. How secure is Drupal? Well, the Australian Government, as well as government websites of other countries, use Drupal. Yes, it’s that secure!

So, you might be wondering, what makes Drupal a highly secure CMS? How can an open-source CMS be secure? Let’s answer questions and more in this post. 

What Makes Drupal The Most Secure CMS

Large organizations like the United States White House, UNESCO, Tesla Motors, etc. use Drupal for their websites. Here’s why they chose Drupal over other CMS platforms – 

1. Secure Password Only Access

Drupal encrypts any passwords stored in the database. These encrypted passwords are hashed, salted, and scrambled to ensure no one can hack into your installation with brute force attacks. 

2. Dedicated Security Team

Drupal takes security seriously, which is why they have a dedicated security team that keeps a close watch on the core software and alerts immediately if any security vulnerabilities are discovered. This team is made up of industry experts who operate across the globe. 

The security team consisting of 30 people warns of any potential dangers, develops documentation, and provides assistance to module developers. You can learn more about this team on the Drupal security team page.

3. Meets OWASP standards

Open Web Application Security Project or OWASP is a worldwide not-for-profit organization that’s focused on improving the security of software products. Drupal meets and exceeds all OWASP standards and is continually monitored to ensure compliance. 

4. Secured Code Base with Open Source Development 

Drupal being open-source software, allows anyone to contribute towards the project. However, this doesn’t mean that the modules aren’t thoroughly reviewed by the security team. They must pass a stringent set of guidelines that makes the code base extremely secure. Every new module must get approval from core maintainers of Drupal, which minimizes the chances of any errors and makes the code base robust. 

5. Granular Access Controls

Drupal provides granular controls to site administrators so they can determine which users can access the site and specific areas of the site. Site admins have the ability to assign distinct user roles to select users and provide or restrict access to particular resources. This access control makes Drupal safe and secure. 

6. Engagement of The Community

The Drupal community consists of over 1 million members who contribute towards the development in one capacity or another. This community is one of the primary reasons why Drupal is so secure and snowballing. No vulnerability or error goes through the community, which makes Drupal an excellent choice for your business. 

7. Security Reporting 

Vulnerabilities are usually quickly patched with the help of updates. However, what happens when you don’t know if there are any updates? Chaos ensues. Drupal actively monitors and reports any potential updates that your site may be missing to ensure your site is always protected and up to date. It con also automatically update your site for you to ensure no loopholes are left unpatched. 

8. Trusted by Large Organizations and Government Departments

Large organizations and governments can’t afford to risk their data which is why they ensure they always use the best softwares and CMS for their websites. Drupal is used by a variety of government departments which can be audited here. UNESCO, World Economic Forum, and the American Red Cross also use Drupal because of its secure functionality. 

These reasons prove that Drupal is one of the best choices for your business to build your website. 

How We Help You Enhance the Security of Your Drupal Application

Drupal as a platform is built like a citadel. No one can try and a break-in. However, there are ways to secure it even more. Here are a few ways we can enhance the security of your Drupal application. 

1. By Implementing Various Modular Solutions 

Drupal has various modules that an admin can add to the core software to make it more secure. We help you implement these modules and integrate them into your application. Different useful modules that we can implement include – 

Captcha Module: Capta module is implemented in various web forms and login systems to ensure the person trying to gain access is a human and not a bot.

Encryption Module: The encrypt module allows the implementation of symmetric or asymmetric encryption on your application, making it even more secure.

Automated Logout Module: As a site admin, you know how important terminating idle sessions are for top-notch security. This module allows you to precisely do that.

Login security and Anti Bot Modules These modules help a site admin restrict the number of failed login attempts and get rid of brute force bot logins without the annoying captcha. 

2. By Ensuring Regular Upkeep and Maintenance 

A well-oiled machine runs smoothly because of the regular upkeep and maintenance that’s performed on it. Similarly, a software application needs maintenance from time to time for it to operate at 100% capacity. We ensure your Drupal application is always at its prime to ensure smooth functioning. 

3. By Regularly Updating and Backing Up the Code and Database

We all know mistakes happen, but that shouldn’t mean that we lose our precious work. We regularly backup your code and database while ensuring the Drupal installation is running the latest version to ensure there’s no downtime and that you don’t lose any of your precious data. 

These reasons make Drupal one of the best choices for any enterprise to choose as their preferred CMS. The only downside of going with Drupal is its relative complexity which a team of experts like our developer team can easily handle. Check out our service offering to learn how we can help you implement a Drupal-based solution for your business. 

Who We Are and What Makes Us an Expert?

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