What Makes Drupal a User-friendly and Rewarding Web Content Development Platform? How We Assist You Make the Most of It?

Jan 6, 2022

A good content management platform is the backbone of your digital presence. Drupal is one such open-source CMS platform that offers small to large businesses the freedom of using open-source software. With more than one million users worldwide, it boasts an impressive user base. The platform has repeatedly proven to be highly flexible and scalable for digital innovation. Its support for the open-source community is unmatched in the industry. With its flexible architecture and freely available community code, Drupal has been offering benefits of low implementation costs.

With the digital landscape constantly evolving, demands for web content management systems are also growing. It is imperative that web experiences become more personal, more interactive, and more well-connected between devices. Omnichannel content publishing is the need of the hour to achieve better user experiences and other business goals.

Among enterprise-level CMS platforms, Drupal has emerged as the most popular choice for more complex and larger projects.

What Constitutes a Good Content Management Platform?

A good CMS should help you address current and immediate business requirements while also anticipating your future digital game plan. The right CMS will cater to your needs across digital projects, varied applications, multiple websites, and different marketing delivery channels.

The right content management platform should:

  • Provide user-friendly interfaces across a range of technical levels including developers, marketers and content creators.
  • Establish clear workflows and publishing control
  • Provide in-built support for your SEO requirements
  • Ensure your data is secure

What Makes Drupal a Content Friendly Platform?

Drupal is more of a content management framework as opposed to a content management system. This is one of the main features that distinguish Drupal from the other standard content management systems. It provides you with a framework to build your own custom CMS according to your needs and specifications. At the same time, it also provides you with ready modules and themes. The degree of customization is entirely up to you. You have a choice to define workflows, content types, fields and more using a seamless process.

Features that make Drupal one of the most content friendly platforms are:

  • Workflow and Content Moderation

Drupal helps aligning the elements of content management and project management. It provides you with in-built workflow and moderation capabilities which makes content collaboration simple and manageable. By creating your own workflows, you can introduce revisions and approvals that suit your editorial needs. In addition, you can also limit access to certain users according to their roles to ensure content adherence.

  • Community Support

Drupal provides your business with a dynamic and accommodating system that is very beneficial to the community members. It encourages free exchange of ideas and innovation which is key to content management. The open-source culture that Drupal fosters comes with various benefits such as well-developed discussion boards and an approachable online culture.

  • Customization

One of the most prominent features of Drupal is its customizability. With over 16000 modules and plug-ins, Drupal allows you to customize and modify an elaborate list of features into your website. It enables your site builders and architects to create customizations that are more relevant to your target audiences to take advantage of personalization.

  • End User Satisfaction

Drupal provides you with the tools you need to create customer-centric experiences. It gives you the ability to tailor each individual user experience across various channels. Features such as flexible layouts for marketing campaigns, social media modules, flexible landing pages and personalization make Drupal one of the best content management systems to enhance your user experiences.

  • Multilingual Support

The interface on Drupal is available in a huge number of languages. Language downloads are available during the development stage, giving you the ability to manage translated content with precision. This feature is an absolute advantage for global businesses looking to efficiently manage and scale digital content across geographies. This feature provides you with endless opportunities in scaling.

  • Architected for Mobile Experiences

Mobile solutions are an integral part of Drupal web development. Drupal provides modules and themes to build mobile solutions that are responsive. The admin interface will enable your admins to edit and author content directly on a mobile device. It also seamlessly navigates between horizontal and vertical modes of display orientation. It also comes with added advantages such as loading images in different sizes according to the device it is being viewed on.

  • Integration with Marketing Tools

Your business will require dynamic content across many digital touchpoints in the future. Drupal web development system seamlessly integrates into popular marketing tools to collect important customer data thereby assisting you in optimizing your target market.

  • Scalability

Drupal gives you the option of exponentially growing the number of your web pages. This feature accommodates content growth at all levels. In addition, it is an excellent platform for scenarios in which you alternate periods of regular and high traffic spikes.

  • Security

According to a 2015 annual report of Drupal, there haven’t been any widely exploited vulnerabilities for which there was no upgrade available. This goes to prove that Drupal offers unshakeable security. By offering regular patches and updates against exploits, Drupal is one of the most secure content management systems for businesses.

How We Assist You Develop a Content Friendly Drupal Website?

As a reputed Drupal web development company, our experts understand what it takes to make Drupal website content friendly. They have hands-on experience in developing sites to accommodate the demand of content scalability, adaptability and versatility using the open-source content management system. Based on business requirements, we have leveraged features like simplifying content creation with CKEditor, facilitating editing with QuickEdit, enabling content moderation process building contextual filters to change content display, adding videos to content, embedding marketing integrations. Much of their experience comes from addressing the content needs of specific businesses such e-commerce websites, news portals, and resources section of websites cutting across domains. Our experts will draw upon this rich experience to make content creation in Drupal a breeze.

Who We Are and What Makes Us an Expert?

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