Enhance Recall Value of Frontend Interfaces with AngularJS Frameworks? How Experts Make a Difference?

Jan 11, 2022
Angularjs framework

In the last few years, there has been a drastic shift in the way businesses are designing and developing their websites and apps. The focus has moved from products to customers. Today’s customers expect you to put them first and provide them an enriching experience. According to research, 75% of customers judge a business’ credibility based on how user-friendly their website is. Therefore, a customer-centric strategy enables you to increase your sales and improve your brand value by making the customers’ needs a priority. Businesses are now able to have a customer-centric approach in developing their websites, thanks to technological advancements such as AngularJS development.

AngularJS is a JavaScript framework that empowers you with functional tools that are required for the frontend development of mobile apps and websites. Due to its ease of usage, it is considered as one of the most popular frameworks to build quality apps and websites. According to a global usage report, there are more than sixty-seven thousand websites in the USA and twenty-three thousand websites in Russia that are built using the AngularJS framework.

To truly appreciate the benefits that AngularJS framework provides businesses in building user-friendly web applications, it is important understand its differentiating features.  

What are the key highlights of the AngularJS framework?

The AngularJS framework is an open-source framework that provides developers with an exhaustive tool set to create Single Page Applications.

Few highlighting features that make it one of the most powerful frameworks are:

  • Developed by Google – The framework is developed by Google which speaks to its high credibility.
  • MVC – It is based on the concept of Model-Viewer-Controller, which is used in many modern websites.
  • Lesser coding – The need for coding is very minimal when using AngularJS to develop web applications.
  • Enables HTML extensions – AngularJS can be used to extend HTML for the purpose of creating dynamic web applications.

The AngularJS framework has been leveraged by many businesses to create popular products like Freelancer.com, The Home Depot, Udemy, Weather.com and HBO’s mobile site for iPad. Such is the popularity and functionality of the framework.

Let us now look at some of the key frameworks that AngularJS offers:

  • Ionic – Ionic is a front-end software development kit that provides developers a platform to integrate services like push notifications and analytics. It is powered by multiple ready-made components like Bluetooth, Fingerprint Auth etc., that makes it adaptable to every platform.
  • Supersonic – Supersonic is a free and open-source framework that supports both Android and iOS to build hybrid apps. It is a less complicated and functional solution for developers.
  • Angular UI Bootstrap – Angular UI Bootstrap offers multiple commands such as alert, carousel, dropdown, buttons and more.
  • Angular Foundation – The Angular Foundation framework offers many other directives such as triggers and interchange. It brings in responsiveness to your web applications.

Why Should you Use AngularJS to Build your Frontend Interfaces?

  • High performance

AngularJS will enable you to release applications in shorter time intervals. It provides developers with extensive features that ensure scalability in short spans of time. Features like CLI or Common Line Interface and IDEs make the framework suitable for fast app-building. AngularJS also provides developers the scope to design user interfaces as per your customer’s needs.

  • Declarative User Interface

HTML is what defines user interface on AngularJS. Developers can understand user interfaces in a simplified manner by using HTML. It provides developers the creative freedom to bring in more interaction and flexibility to the user interface on applications. It also relieves them from testing their codes to focus more on delivering better applications.  

  • Data binding

The data binding feature in AngularJS will help in reducing the loading time of your web page. When the loading time of your web page is minimal, the user experience is maximized. Users will be able to navigate seamlessly through different pages without having to wait for pages to load. The data binding feature also helps in keeping the applications operational in offline modes.

  • Easy adoption

The ease of adoption and operation in the case of AngularJS is commendable. It is built on a simple framework with the sole objective of increasing the quality standards of web applications. It enhances features like HTML and CSS. Developers wouldn’t have to spend a lot of time in the adoption process. Since it is built and maintained by Google, AngularJS comes with regular updates to ensure smooth functioning.

  • Simplified testing

AngularJS comes with an inbuilt testing feature that allows developers to adhere to coding at each stage of development. Therefore, developers do not have to spend too much time on testing codes. Testing features on AngularJS allow both end-to-end and unit testing. They also go one step ahead in helping developers by showing how they can resolve errors.

  • Single page applications

Single Page Applications ensure more responsiveness and functionality of a web page. AngularJS supports the development of Single Page Applications, making it possible for pages to load quickly and provide excellent user experience. It also makes it much easier maintain. AngularJS is an apt infrastructure for SPA since it supports tasks like routing and journaling.

  • Code reusability

Code reusability is one of the most premium features of AngularJS. It allows the developer to reuse the codes. Developers save time and hence the speed of app development increases. They also help developers stick to timelines. Another benefit of code reusability is that it allows the developer to modify apps easily.

  • Community Support

AngularJS offers extensive community support that assists the developers. While building front-end experiences, developers can rely on the professionals as AngularJS offers enormous community support. The framework intends to provide relevant answers to the developers within a minimal time frame. The AngularJS community consists of developers and experts who have years of expertise in offering services to leading tech giants. The developers on the community support are ready to help other developers to deliver an ideal solution to their problems. From complicated bugs to front-end issues, the community offers all kinds of solutions.

How We Assist You in Leveraging The Benefits of AngularJS To Build Engaging Frontend Interfaces?

As a leading provider of AngularJS development services, our trained developers are experienced in delivering complete front-end applications. We make it a point to adopt a customer-centric approach while working on all projects. In other words we leverage the performance and adoption benefits of AngularJS to create interactive user experiences keeping customers at the center. For instance, for one of our clients who wanted to develop a cross-platform smartphone app to monitor blood pressure levels, we focused on developing a user-friendly app keeping a wide demographic of users in mind. The app was then integrated with BP monitoring devices so that users can record and retrieve readings with single tap gestures. The blending of ease-of-experience with a monitoring device made app handling simple and intuitive thus helping increase user engagement Our experts have applied such innovative thinking to develop mobile apps with engaging animations, single-page web apps, progressive web apps that work offline, e-commerce apps, and more.

Who We Are and What Makes Us an Expert?

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