6 Critical Benefits of Outsourcing Managed IT Services

Apr 1, 2020
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Companies of all sizes place great importance on operational efficiency, however, not all of them are equally equipped to maintain such levels of efficiency. Some businesses may have limited IT resources, which means that they quickly fall behind in network management and system updates. This places the company’s systems at a huge risk of a security breach or outage. For many organizations, the solution lies in managed IT services.

Now, hiring your own IT department may not be as prudent as it may sound for businesses of different sizes. This may be for many significant reasons, not least of all because of the huge cost involved in managing and maintaining the IT infrastructure and personnel involved. An increasing number of businesses have started turning to outsourcing their managed IT services.

When to Outsource Your Managed IT Services?

Outsource Your Managed IT Services

Many organizations may suffer from managed IT issues like costs concerns or downtime due to software or hardware complications in the network. So, when do you know when it is time to outsource your managed IT services?

Here are 3 scenarios for which outsourcing might be a good alternative.

You Lack Expensive In-House IT Infrastructure

If your company is too small to own a full-fledged IT department or you do not have the wherewithal to hire IT staff, managed IT support services can be a perfect solution for your needs. When you outsource your managed IT requirements, the tasks that require the attention of in-house IT department can instead be managed externally on a simple monthly subscription basis. The quality of service you would be getting would also be far superior to any IT staff you could bring on as they have all the technologies and resources in place to handle your entire IT operations at one go.

You Want Access to the Best Support Technologies

Outsourced managed IT service providers only use the most high-grade technologies that are in the market today. You might need to pay a fortune to have the most cutting-edge software and hardware components to set up an IT support service in your company offices. However, you can access the exact same technology capabilities offsite for a just a small monthly subscription fee. Your in-house staff would not even need to learn the more complicated parts of the software and hardware operations because the MSP takes care of all functions itself.

You Want to Save Money

Some of the most significant benefits of outsourcing managed IT services to a managed IT company are financial in nature. Outsourced managed IT services cost less on a monthly subscription plan than the high salaries that you would have to dish out for most in-house managed IT staff every month. The in-house staff would not even have the range of skills and expertise that MSPs have as they are limited in their breadth of knowledge as an individual. You would be saving lots of money by delegating core managed IT support to professionals, who handle a vast range of  IT issues day in and day out.

4 Commonly Outsourced Managed IT Solutions

Outsourced Managed IT Solutions

There are many managed IT services that organizations of all sizes need to stay in business. These can range from network security to troubleshooting and disaster recovery. Here are just a few of the managed IT solutions that companies look for most commonly when looking to keep their systems secure.

  • Network Security

One of the most important benefits of outsourced managed IT services is the security and protection you gain for your systems and IT infrastructure at large. When you outsource your requirements, you have practically guaranteed network security against cyber-attacks. In the world of e-commerce and computing, nothing could be more damaging than a security breach. IT managed services companies specialize in this area and are always up to date on the most advanced security measures at all times. With an outsourced managed IT services provider, you can get perpetual system reports and monitor to keep you on top of any oncoming threats before they are able to attack. You can also get access to proactive breach prevention measures so that your systems are always safe. And finally, you will be constantly notified when maintenance is due or be notified with security alerts in the face of external threats.

  • Troubleshooting Support

Outsourced managed IT support services will ensure that your staff will be alerted and walked through any trouble at hand when issues do arise onsite. Regardless of whether the issue involves clear confusion over a recent system update or complications with network synchronization, your staff will have direct support from the IT experts. These experts are the ones that know how exactly to solve each and every computing or networking issues that could possibly arise to prevent cyber-attacks from being successful.

  • Network Maintenance and Implementation

The type of tasks involved in the updating and implementation of system programs can not only be confusing, but time-consuming as well for organizations of all sizes. With an MSP on call, you can avoid all the confusion and focus on your business without any distractions. This is because offsite managed IT services providers specialize in the integration of software programs and the implementation of mobile networks. MSPs handle these types of requirements on a regular basis and so can implement these software programs and networks in a fraction of the time it would normally take.

  • File and System Backups

Most larger companies in this day and age have already moved their files onto cloud storage. This is because of the guaranteed backup they get for their data. Regardless of whether a server or hard drive were to fail, there would be no damages to the organization’s data making it a smart choice. Because of the convenience that cloud storage offers, more smaller organizations are also jumping on the band wagon by looking to outsource IT infrastructure management services for themselves. This is so that they can also enjoy greater stability and incur less damages when hard drives and servers undoubtedly crash over the course of time.

Benefits of Outsourcing Managed IT Solutions to the Experts

Benefits of Outsourcing Managed IT Solutions

Cost Savings

One of the greatest benefits to partnering with a managed IT services provider is its extreme cost-effectiveness. Organizations can conserve their capital budgets, reduce operational costs, and even lower their IT operating expenses when they choose to outsource these services to the professionals. Most MSPs work with a subscription-based model. Their clients pay monthly or annual fees for their comprehensive services, which allows them to predict whether it is something they can afford right off the bat.

The clients typically just pay for the services they require instead of for expensive packages with superfluous services they will never use or require for their business operations. Considerable cost savings is probably the most impressive benefit to outsourcing managed IT support services to the experts.

Predictable Budgeting

It can be troubling for companies of any size to experience unforeseen computing problems and not be able to create a predictable annual budget to prevent those occurrences. The amount of money that it can take to resolve these unexpected emergencies can also be quite unnerving. However, when you outsource managed IT support services, you will always know how much you will be paying on a month-to-month basis. This way, you can develop a budget for maximum IT security and functionality that is consistent year upon year.

Predictable budgeting for managed IT services is one of the major benefits to outsourcing your requirements. Moreover, you can start small when your business is small and scale up your IT services requirements as your systems grow in size. Adding requirements in proportion to your business volumes is always a smart move. You can then scale back and pay only for what you need when seasonal trends hit the business.

All-Encompassing Expertise

When you hire in-house staff to handle your IT requirements, you are investing in individuals. These individuals come with their own limited skillsets and depth of IT knowledge. They will constantly have to be learning new technologies and acquiring new skills to stay relevant given how competitive business can be. On the other hand, when you outsource IT infrastructure management services to professionals in the business, you can expect to get their all-encompassing expertise.

Because these service providers will have hundreds of personnel at their disposal with varied skillsets and areas of expertise, your computing needs will always be covered. The level of expertise that these managed IT service providers bring to the table is quite undoubtedly second to none. Their sheer breadth and depth of expertise is definitely one critical benefit that all organizations look forward to getting when they are brought on board.

Focus on Core Business

Employees may be required to handle a greater scope of IT responsibilities as a business grows, which may fall outside their original roles. As these responsibilities increase, it may become increasingly difficult for the same employees to focus on their primary roles and tasks. Staff then find themselves losing their focus on the business functions that were revenue generating and are forced to handle their IT responsibilities for fear of causing downtime. When you outsource your IT responsibilities to MSPs, however, your in-house staff can return to taking care of the more pressing day-to-day concerns and core business functions. This will not only result in greater productivity but also leave staff with more time to develop new ways to gain greater efficiencies in their business operations.

With outsourced managed IT solutions at your disposal, you can focus on your own core strengths and leave the IT tasks to highly qualified, offsite personnel. Being able to better focus on your core business and revenue generating tasks is another benefit of relying on MSPs for your IT requirements.

Reduce Risk

When you outsource your managed IT support services to professionals in the business, you virtually eliminate the possibility of serious cyber-attacks or downtime. The many problems that could set a company back and completely damage its business reputation can be entirely taken off the table. Such problems could include extended periods of website inoperability or even breaches of sensitive information like personal credit card data.

Every business risk can also be alleviated in some way with the proper team in place. Outsourcing IT providers both assume and manage much of the risk that financial conditions, markets, competition, government regulations, and newer technologies pose. This is because they have specific industry knowledge and have years of experience handling compliance and security issues on their client’s behalf. That being the case, they are professionals in avoiding risk so that your managed IT services can help your business operate at peak performance.


Scalability is critical to supporting business growth and development given the rate of technological advancements these days. Businesses find themselves needing to scale their resources up or down on demand to accommodate changing business volumes. As a business expands, it should be able to anticipate unexpected hurdles such as their IT technology requirements outgrowing their current available resources. Outsourced managed IT services providers will supply both services and support to take care of emerging IT issues and growth spurts, as needed. It is critical that outsourced managed IT solutions are scalable because the business can then accommodate rapid changes immediately.

Scalable solutions also help firms improve their system availability, eliminate damaging downtime, and stay productive at all times, whether business be growing or not. High-quality managed IT services providers proactively identify and explore new ways to support key business objectives, especially when it comes to scaling up with increased business volumes. Improved scalability is one major benefit of outsourcing managed IT support services.

When operational efficiency is hard to come by, many companies look to outsourcing their managed IT services to the experts. For businesses with limited IT resources and infrastructure, outsourcing can be a great solution. This is especially true for when they are not up to date on their network management or system updates.

Because this places the firm at a huge risk of experiencing outages or security breaches, outsourcing their managed IT solutions can pose several benefits. Some of these benefits range from improved scalability and renewed focus on core business activities to reduced risks and all-encompassing expertise. Outsourcing can be a great option for those companies that are looking to gain efficiencies and manage their IT systems with greater control and less resources.

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