Custom Mobile App for Inventory Control Management Can Change the Way You do Business

Aug 9, 2017
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Inventory is not just about keeping stock of all the products and services. Inventory control management, in some industries, is about conforming to business standards and staying compliant with welfare codes and safety procedures.

In a widespread business such as inventory and order management, custom app development can be the difference between chaos and systematic processes. By designing an app specific to your business and industry, you can not only introduce visibility into your supply chain, but also increase profitability that comes with efficient procedures. Believe it or not, custom apps can also help you stay within the regulatory framework of your trade and keep your processes under tight control.

Role of Custom App in Achieving Operational Efficiency

In a business that is suffering from inventory inaccuracies, it becomes difficult to manage, control and track all their products. Lack of visibility in inventory management can not only affect productivity but also impact overall efficacy of the company. With the help of inventory control app, it becomes easier to keep a track of all the products that were removed and/or returned from the stock.

With the advent of technology, it has now become possible to design a custom app that can be implemented for businesses that can benefit from its convenience and functionality of being able to manage, schedule, sell and communicate from their smartphones and/or tablets.

Many industries have sought custom app development solutions for optimization of their inventory management. By integrating apps directly to their back-office and accounting systems, companies are able to gain a competitive edge by being able to plan and execute their inventory predictably with the customers and minimize labor costs by removing inadequacies from the process.

However, the key to inventory management success at the frontend lies in implementing the solutions that can seamlessly integrate with your backend systems and provide you the information you need at your fingertips.

In order to achieve this level of productivity, your custom app should be built around transparency, flexibility, scalability and availability of information real-time.

Changing Face of Inventory and Order Management by Developing the Perfect App

Our client is a leading inventory control and order management service provider offering services to wholesalers and manufacturers. When they contacted Get Smart Coders for a mobile solution, they were struggling to manage, control and monitor their inventory. The company faced difficulty in resourcefully managing their inventory that led to inaccuracies and mismanagement of the warehouse. Our developers were tasked with automation of their redundant process and optimizing it for operational efficiency.

After carefully analyzing the requirement, we developed an easy to use application for our client that gave them optimum usability with least amount of input. We designed a transaction management process that made crucial warehousing functions like order picking, cycle counting, shipping, goods receiving and inventory audits possible without spending too much time on each entry. This app was not only functional, but also geared towards offering complete compatibility with other systems such as RF scanners, scales, label printing etc. Furthermore, the app was designed in such a way that it could scale as per company’s growth. Some of our features included capturing signatures, receipt printing on the go, taking real time orders from the customers, tracking orders from suppliers, bar scanning etc.

Our application was a game-changer for our client that brought performance efficiency into their inventory management. It also helped our client handle their inventory more competently, improve utilization of space, and improve productivity of labor. With our app, our client was able to take operational efficiency to all its stakeholders and implement it all levels.

Our mobile app development team has years of experience and proficiency in designing apps that that are usable across all mobile platforms. getSmartCoders specializes in inventory management enterprise, among other things, and has helped its clients reach functional competence by developing robust solutions. If you are looking for an apt application based solution for your business, talk to our experts today.