Top Custom Software Development Trends That Will Be in Vogue in 2022

Jan 31, 2022
custom software development

A key driver of evolving custom software trends since 2020 is the impact that the Covid-19 pandemic has had on business sectors. The impact was felt in the form of mobility restrictions, broken supply chains, and other issues that severely slowed down the operational wheel of many business sectors as well as hurt the profit prospects of many. Disruptive technologies in custom software development played a key role in developing applications that helped enterprises to operate from remote places. Despite mobility restrictions, such applications had helped enterprises cater to the retail needs of consumers.

custom software development

The year 2022 will see most of these disruptive technologies roll over into newer and better modifications in custom software development. On this note, here’s highlighting the top custom software development trends this year:

Cloud Technology

Cloud technology has been the biggest enabler of work from home framework since 2020. Cloud-native software applications have helped organizations maneuver logistical and geographical obstacles of optimizing their resources.

In the year 2022, cloud service providers are expected to join hands to provide multi-cloud offerings to accelerate the design and launch processes of custom-made software applications.

A majority of developers will adopt the serverless PaaS cloud services to develop applications. This model enables developers to allocate memory to a software only when it is in use. This results in maximum cloud consumption efficiency of the software.

FinOps is a cloud cost management model that will be trending this year. It allows every individual of an organization to be accountable for their cloud usage by using a set of best practices. This promotes cost optimization and predictability, while accelerating the product delivery TAT.

Distributed Computing Model  

The distributed computing model involves accumulating separate computer servers in a single group. This eases the way of sharing data while managing power processing.

A recent report by Gartner states that a majority of cloud service providers will implement distributed cloud computing by 2024.

This single group of computer servers wields the processing power of multiple computers in a way that enables it to run faster than the conventional systems. Contrary to the traditional centralized computer network systems, this distributed computing model delivers better performance at minimal costs.

Low/No Code Platform

A low code platform allows developing a software application with minimum codes. This is of particular relevance in today’s era which will continue to see a stark shortage of skilled developers. This platform will be relevant in the hybrid work environment that is enabled by more and better mobile applications, analytics, and others.

It allows easy customization of an application through minimal coding. Such low code applications can be easily integrated to an enterprise’s mainframe system.

The no-code platform involves using a drag-and-drop tool to build an application. This platform is also functional in creating customized applications that are easy and safe to use. A co-code development platform allows to customize an application with a new feature without impacting its functionality. This change is quickly reflected in the application.

Implementation of Blockchain

Blockchain, also known as distributed ledger technology, is a set of distributed record that is shared on an open database and is protected by a series of encryption and cryptography protocols.

 International money transfer will be made easier with blockchain technology. A person can send a certain amount of transaction from one location to a person staying in a different location in the form of cryptocurrencies. The crypto coins can then be converted into the currency of the recipient’s region. After the completion of the transaction, the entire history is stored in blockchain which cannot be tampered with.

NFTs or non-fungible token is expected to be a popular trend that will have a significant impact on software development this year. NFT is based on the Ethereum blockchain and an NFT token is as unique as a dollar bill. This is why it is expected to be accepted as common payment mode for software development. NFT tokens drive a fast, safe, and transparent payment across clients and vendors.

Advent of IoB

IoB or Internet of behavior is the gathering of consumer data such as user preferences, behavior using business intelligence tools, Big data, and others and analyzing the same. This is more of a study of human behavior and reaction towards a certain entity or things.

Custom software development companies will witness a demand surge for applications that utilize IoB to study user behavior data. Enterprise will capitalize on this data analysis to create a favorable user experience, adjust the product portfolio, or persuade a user into subscribing to its product or service.

Cybersecurity with DevSecOps

DevSecOps is a combination of development, security, and operations. It is an integrated approach to consider security as a shared responsibility across the entire IT lifecycle. By 2022, a majority of enterprises is expected to shift from DevOps to DevSecOps by embedding security protocols in the custom software development cycle.

This will enable the DevOps team to monitor and identify security defects at the early software development stages. This improves the quality and delivery speed to a significant extent.

How Can We Assist You with Your Custom Software Development Projects?

Custom Software Development Projects

When it comes to custom software development, we have an open-ended modus operandi that accommodates ad-hoc changes. Our team of custom software developers start with a well-defined plan that considers your product’s target audience, your vision about the product, and address its functional and non-functional needs keeping the ultimate goal of the product in mind. Based on these, we create a prototype and share it with you to determine if it aligns with your vision.

A new technology trend for custom software development can be quite promising. But it is not necessarily a perfect fit for every IT infrastructure. This is a critical fact that most of the enterprises fail to understand. Our team of experts analyze your IT infrastructure and advise on the right technology stack. Custom software development is our core function which is why our developers are always on top of every dynamic technology trend and upend their skillsets accordingly. Such developers will not only bring the best of the technology to you but also train your in-house software development team on the same.

Our quality analysts regularly test the software after each sprint. This ensure eliminating any bugs or errors right from the get-go. A continuous product testing is important to keep the product development and launch time concise.

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