What are the Benefits of Reactjs Web App Development Services?

Aug 14, 2020
React JS web app development

Are you looking for getting an intuitive, scalable and fast web application developed for your business? Do you have any app ideas but are not sure how to navigate the complex world of web app development? How do you choose the right technology from so many different options available, and how do you choose the best team suitable for your unique project?

In this article, we will introduce you to ReactJS library, which has caught the attention of the mighty and big corporations for the web application user interfaces. We will look at why ReactJS makes an excellent choice for your web app and the benefits it offers. 

Once you make up your mind to choose ReactJS for your project, how do you proceed with assembling the right team that will work on your project? 

We will bring to your notice the benefits of finding the right development partner over hiring developers in house. In this blog post, we will review how to choose the best provider to outsource ReactJS web app development services.

Let’s first look at what is ReactJS and why it is making headlines across the world. We will look at the benefits ReactJS offers that make it the JavaScript library of choice for many.

What is ReactJS?

React is an open-source, component-based JavaScript library for building intuitive, scalable and fast rendering interactive user interfaces for web and mobile applications. React is also known as React.js or ReactJS. JavaScript library provides a pre-written collection of code for standard JS functions which reduces development time.

There are many Javascript frameworks available for web app development, such as AngularJS, NodeJS, and ReactJS. However, the advantages of React make it a popular choice for many applications.

Adoption of React has been growing worldwide due to below reasons.

  • Excellent feature set such as excellent performance, fast rendering, ease of learning, reduced development cost.
  • High demand for React-based applications has led to the availability of highly skilled developers.
  • Broad developer community support is available due to the open-source library.
  • Long term prospects due to wide adoption and ongoing development of features by Facebook

A brief history of ReactJS

React was created by Jordan Walke, a software engineer at Facebook. Facebook and a big community of individual developers and companies collectively maintain React library and support its development.

Due to its popularity and benefits, organisations of all sizes are adopting React. Some of the notable examples are Apple, Netflix, WhatsApp, Airbnb, Dropbox, Instagram, and the New York Times, etc. Hundreds of thousands of websites are now using React.

What are the advantages of ReactJS?

ReactJS offers many advantages and makes it a library of choice for developers and companies alike. Here is why companies prefer ReactJS for web app development.

  • Easy creation of dynamic applications: React has a smaller learning curve and requires less coding to develop a web application. It also provides a lot of functionality to build rich and interactive user interfaces. React breaks a user interface into individual components. React allows multiple developers to work simultaneously on various elements of the user interface, thereby reducing the development time. 
  • Fast rendering and improved performance: React uses Virtual DOM to selectively modify the components on the UI, which leads to fast rendering and performance of the web applications. The fast rendering is a significant feature which leads to excellent user experience.
  • Better search ranking: Improvement in the website performance also helps in ranking higher in search engine results. 
  • Extensions: React has many extensions that offer that enhance the functionality of the applications.
  • Reusable components: React provides easy ways to reuse Components which are the building blocks of any React application.
  • Support for mobile apps: React Native is a framework derived from React. React Native is a highly acclaimed framework used for developing cross-platform mobile applications.
  • Easy to debug: React applications are easy to debug and test. Due to the unidirectional flow of data, troubleshooting becomes less painful and quick. Facebook has provided a Chrome extension to debug React applications which make debugging very easy and fast.
  • Strong community support: Due to the open-source library, React has a significantly active community of developers. The availability of a big developer community ensures a good support network in terms of the ongoing development, support and longevity of the framework. 

Now let’s review some of the key benefits of outsourcing the development of your web application project instead of developing inhouse. 

Why Outsource the Development of your ReactJS Web app?

The key benefits of outsourcing ReactJS web app development are:

  • Outsourcing leads to a reduction in development costs due to reduced operational costs. Outsourcing the development projects with the need for specialised skill sets to a provider located in other geographies with less operational costs will reduce your overall cost.
  • Outsourcing helps increase the overall productivity as it frees up your internal resources to focus on core business areas while the service provider focuses on the web app development activities. 
  • Outsourcing helps improve overall application development times due to the ability to work in multiple time zones. The outsourcing service provider will be able to work and support you round the clock and speed up the development process.
  • Outsourcing helps increase the quality of web applications due to access to highly skilled ReactJS developers. Complex web applications often require teams such as development, testing and support teams. Instead of hiring the entire team inhouse, you can take advantage of the talent pool available with the web app development company. By leveraging expert resources available at your disposal, you can get better quality work done.

In short, outsourcing brings various additional benefits by leveraging access to the talent pool and time zone differences between your team and the provider’s team. Outsourcing to a qualified service provider can lead to faster deliveries due to a global delivery model where work is happening round the clock.

Once you start looking for a company to outsource to, you will find various options available. 

Let us now understand what makes a ReactJS web app development company stand out when you have so many options available. 

How to Select a Trusted Web App Development Partner?

When outsourcing services to a provider, it is crucial to find a highly qualified vendor since it directly impacts the success of your project as well as overall cost. What are the critical factors to consider when you are looking to outsource ReactJS web app development services? 

  • Technical expertise: The developers that will work on your web application must have strong technical knowledge of React framework. The developers need to keep up with the latest enhancements happening in the library and should have an understanding of the overall ecosystem. 
  • Experience: You should verify the prior knowledge of the React JS web development company and their portfolio for examples of the web applications developed so far. You should ensure that highly experienced developers are available for your projects. 
  • Mature development processes: For successful delivery of complex web applications, it is necessary to have a development partner that follows industry standard best practices for application development. A mature process also helps keep the development costs low, timelines predictable and also ensures high quality. 
  • Established customer base: When you are trusting your app development needs to a third-party vendor, you want to make sure that it is an established company with a strong customer base and will provide excellent customer service. 
  • Presence in multiple locations: A team that is present in various locations ensures that you will get the technical support in multiple time zones. You should ensure that the ReactJS development services company you choose will be able to support you round the clock since your customers may be present in different time zones. Outsourcing not only provides you with round the clock services but also protects you from unforeseen service disruptions in one geography.
  • Communication and transparency: When selecting a ReactJS web app services provider, look for the ability to provide frequent status updates, maintain open communication as well as full transparency to avoid any surprises.
  • A diverse portfolio of services: A complex project will need team members with different skill sets within the same team. When looking for an outsourcing services provider, look for a company who can rapidly onboard or offboard skilled resources for your project.
  • Cultural sensitivity: Cultural sensitivity is an essential factor when collaborating in teams across the geographies. The teams need to have an understanding of different cultures, norms, and values which helps proper communication and team engagement.

What to Look for in your Partner’s ReactJS Portfolio?

Different developers have experience with different types of apps with varying degrees of complexity. Not all apps are the same and this can be a significant factor in determining whom you hire. Some apps may be performing simple tasks and may have a small set of users while some may be built to handle various complex functions and may support a user base that is spread across the world. So how do you determine if the type of work done by the potential app development company you are considering is most suited for your needs?

When reviewing the portfolio of ReactJS apps developed by a company you should look for some types of apps. This will give you a very good idea of the capabilities that the app development company offers. Below are 5 major categories of apps which require scalable, intuitive design and ability to scale to support millions of users. Building these apps require strong technical expertise in the entire development stack ranging from front-end development, UX design, database design, backend design and a well-defined architecture.

  • Ecommerce Apps: An e-commerce app is typically an app which is a storefront where consumers can search, browse and purchase products or services. They include the ability to create a shopping profile, a shopping cart to select items and enter payment details to complete purchase. These days every major retailer or service provider has their own app or a storefront part of their website.  Your partner should have experience in developing ReactJS ecommerce apps.
  • Productivity Apps: An example of a productivity app is one which facilitates either collaboration or saves time by simplifying offering useful functionalities. These can take different forms ranging from simple task management apps to comprehensive productivity suites to support many functions needed by professionals or businesses. If your partner too has experience in ReactJS productivity apps, you can opt for their services.
  • Messaging Apps: Messaging apps focus on bringing people together by providing easy ways to communicate via individual or group chat or calling features. Any vendor with experience in developing ReactJS messaging apps can be considered for partnership because it involves lot of complex coding.
  • Social Media Apps: Social Media apps such as Facebook, Instagram are world known. A social media app brings people together and provides features for sharing user generated content, offers communities for interaction and provides means for surfacing popular content. A good vendor will always have good exposure to developing ReactJS social media apps.
  • Entertainment Apps: Video streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime , audio streaming services such as Apple Music, Amazon Music are some examples of entertainment apps. These apps provide subscription services for users and offer a library of audio, video entertainment content such as movies, music, web series, podcasts and others. If your prospective partner has exposure in developing ReactJS entertainment apps you can trust their ability blindly.

If the app development partner you are considering for your app development needs has experience with one or more categories of these apps then it shows that they possess the required capabilities, skill sets and infrastructure to design, develop, test and support complex applications. 

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