Game Changing Android App Development Practices that You Need to Adopt Right Away

Jul 14, 2021
android app development services

Technological advancements have indubitably simplified the erstwhile complex process of Android mobile app development. Also, the exponential growth in the number of mobile devices, including wearable technology, has catapulted the value of business mobile applications to the next level. Amidst such opportunities and conveniences, enterprises need to identify, acknowledge, and apply the most profitable and easiest ways of building mobile apps that suit their business needs.

android app development services

This underscores the need for enterprises and developers to adhere to the best practices in app development so that they do not have to break the bank, blow their budget, or overhaul their existing revenue model. Below is a list of a few prevailing Android app development best practices that will anchor developers throughout the process of the development lifecycle and enable them to realize the best outcomes.

Implementing Jetpack Security

Despite the strides that Android app development technologies have made over the years, it remains a fact that these applications are susceptible to security threats. For instance, users can install applications on the SD card as well as the device’s internal storage, but there were not too many options to encrypt data for applications. Such security issues were addressed by Google in its when the company announced the launch of Jetpack in 2019. Jetpack is a wrapper around primitives built into the platform and it makes encrypting of files and shared preferences more effective.

  • Jetpack helps strike the right balance between data encryption and performance for safety-critical applications.
  • Its Android Keystore System feature provides maximum security to applications that need a hardware-backed key-store.
  • Jetpack protects and encrypts data at rest by performing three critical steps – Key Management, File Encryption, and SharedPreferences encryption.

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Embracing the Modular Design

In the earlier days, reusability wasn’t a priority while building Android apps, and hence, parts of an app were not reusable. Developers used to build the entire app in one module which made the whole recompilation of the app a complex process. As the years rolled by, it was realized that a modular development approach makes the introduction of changes a lot easier. The code in a modular setup can be updated separately and then the module is recompiled, decreasing build times for applications.

  • The primary objective of the development team should be to modularize the app based on the features the organization wants.
  • Any feature that serves as a major functionality or exceeds a certain size should be split into different modules. Modules can then be combined into one feature in a plugin pattern form.
  • The distribution of code into different modules leads to a clean architecture. The code can be easily tested, maintained, and opened for further modification if needed.

Leveraging the Possibilities of Google Assistant

Because most of the searches are voice-based today, businesses must invest in building apps that leverage this inclination of the userbase. Today, most enterprises are focusing on having Google Assistant as an integral part of their Android mobile app development practice. The striking benefit of this is that the audience gets another platform to engage with the application, thus enhancing its experience and in turn, retaining users who seek the convenience of an intelligent voice assistant.

Statistics suggest that 41% of adults take to voice search at least once every day. In 2020, over 50% of all smartphone users engaged with voice technology on their devices.
  • Developers can extend the functionality of Google Assistant with Google App Actions that lets users get their things done with a conversational interface.
  • As consumers want to get things done with Google Assistant, businesses can offer them voice-enabled product purchases, store searches, appointment bookings, etc. with their apps.
  • Brands present on the Google Assistant scene are perceived to be more forward-thinking than their competitors, which helps build a good reputation.

Exploring Android Instant Apps

android app development company

The biggest draw of Android instant apps is that they allow users to access the content of the app without installing it. These apps are built to save space on the user’s device and conveniently link users to a specific function of the app. Instant apps supplement the development of modular applications. They provide a native-like look-and-feel and eliminate the need for the user to explicitly install the application. It is in the interest of any business to develop instant apps in addition to the native ones.

Statistics indicate that instant apps have already been downloaded over 514 million times, which underscores their popularity with users.
  • Developers can set some basic functionalities and features of the app as an instant app. Whenever a user wants to try the app, only those functionalities are instantly usable.
  • When an app is exceptionally large in size, or a user wants to install/purchase its full version, the instant version serves as a trial, giving a first impression of what the app has to offer.
  • Users who find an instant app’s features aligned with their requirements are likely to convert into full-fledged customers. They find the lightweight version convenient and hassle-free. 

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Number of apps on the Google Play Store over the years

For businesses to have a successful digital presence, a quality mobile application is a prerequisite. While planning an Android application for the target audience, implementing the best practices, some of which have been listed above, is the key. The list here is just the tip of the iceberg and should give enterprises a headstart in leveraging tools and technologies to grab the opportunities headed their way. Joining hands with a professional app development firm can give them a competitive edge in the market.

By 2023, revenue generated by mobile apps is estimated to reach $ 935 billion.  

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