What Are the Benefits of React Native App Development

Sep 22, 2020
eact Native Mobile App Development

In the last decade, the need for a scalable, advanced and fast application is rising as the world is becoming data dependent. With this advancing world, are you looking to bring your business online or looking to get a web application developed and are you tangled with your long-term app development plan? Are you looking for an agile and web-based path in the road of app development well suitable for your budget and requirement?

In this article, we will look into app development with React Native, which was developed by the big corporation ‘Facebook’ with its unmatched benefit of reusing the common logic layer for iOS, Android, and web application development. We will walk through the context of why React native is the best choice available today to get your application developed.

If you have decided to get your next app developed with react native and struck in gathering the right team of developers? We will provide you with insight into why the best development partner is required to get your app developed agile and error friendly. 

This blog will showcase why you should outsource React Native app development services?

Let’s first investigate why developers around the world are choosing React Native for their application development. How to rightly choose the team for your application development that will work efficiently for your project plan?  

What is React Native?

In this decade, several web innovations have allowed app developers and designers to develop agile and responsive mobile-friendly applications quickly. These improvements involve web libraries and frameworks which aid the development of quick and user-friendly applications for mobile devices. It is recommended to work with a single code base for an application which functions on the web, iOS and Android mobile devices (mobile phones and tablets). The successful companies will implement technologies quickly to run ahead of their competitors by choosing the React Native development services.

React Native is used by organisations to create applications that are cross-platform which are built on one single codebase. React Native is an open-source application framework. It makes minimal access to browser DOM as It creates its own virtual DOM object, which results in better performance.

Native Scripts, Swiftic, Xamarin and Sencha Ext JS, are the optional development frameworks available for development. However, the UI and advanced APIs make the React native development service popular among the developers. 

Developers choose React Native development framework for the following reasons:

  • It has a modular architecture. It enhances app performance optimally and is not an expensive issue.
  • Several available pre-loaded elements that make coding easier.
  • With this development framework, you can target both iOS and Android users at the same time.
  • Declarative coding makes the React app development flexible and helps streamline the coding process.

History of React Native Development Framework

In the year 2012, Facebook was on the urge of creating the best experience for its Mobile users and enhancing the mobile users’ experience. It all started when Mark Zuckerberg commented, “The biggest mistake we made as a company was betting too much on HTML as opposed to native”.

An inside developer Jordan Walke found a way to create a prototype to extract iOS UI components from JavaScript threads. Now Facebook and a large group of developers help to make the libraries and support its development. Due to its large community support and its key features, React Native development framework is used by many companies like Facebook analytics, Pinterest, Tesla, Uber eats, Discord, etc. 

Why Choose a React Native Development Framework?

React Native framework provides various advantages. This makes it the best and key choice for developers. Here is the reason why you need your app’s development using React native development framework.

Saves money and time

Code created in the React Native framework is cross-platform, compatible with iOS, Android, and Windows. Developers can utilise one code base to create all these applications. Companies can develop, launch, and update their application simultaneously on all the platforms.

Improved flexibility

There is always a risk with the developer’s availability or change of team. React Native framework provides flexibility on the adoption of developers to the last change or stop. This makes it easier in terms of update and upgradation of application. Also, it is easier for testers to create test scenarios.

Real-time feedback

React Native provides “hot reloading” features that enable developers to view the changes they have made simultaneously in the adjacent window. This real-time feedback is highly advantageous to developers.

Old application augmentation

If you love your old application and are planning to get it upgraded cost-effectively, then by inserting React Native UI components into an existing app, without re-writing the whole app, you can easily augment it.         

 Native Components

The view is the basic building block of the UI. In Android development, you write views in Kotlin or Java. Wherein iOS app development, you use Swift or Objective-C. Both views can be invoked simultaneously into React Native.


In the future, if you want to have different app teams for Android and iOS, you can easily do that by exporting the app from React Native and start developing in Android Studio and XCode. React Native app development services provide this kind of flexibility.

 Large community

Primarily when React Native was launched, it was used by Facebook for its development. Later, after the framework was open-sourced, it became very popular, and now it is backed by a large community of individual developers with its huge and free access to its documentation.

Best user interface – ReactJS

React developers see mobile application development as JS library more than the framework because of its user interface. Time is a key component for everyone, so is the response time of the application. Applications designed with React Native are very sustainable and take less time to load with optimal components. They also provide excellent feature sets such as excellent performance, fast rendering, and reduced development cost. Applications developed using the ReactJS UI provide better search ranking, fast rendering, and improved performance, which are easy to debug.  

This added advantage makes React Native the best platform to develop a mobile application. Now we will investigate why it’s best to outsource and use React Native mobile app development services as opposed to developing it inhouse.

Why Outsource your Mobile Application Development to Experts Developing using React Native?

The benefits of outsourcing your mobile application development to developers using React Native framework are as listed below:

  • Reduction in development costs: It reduces the operational costs. Need for the technical expertise, experienced staff, and IT components hiring cost will be achieved. Staff hiring cost will be reduced and levering your problem of hiring due to geographical constraint.  
  • Increase in overall productivity once the requirement is well shared with the outsourcing company. Only work pending within your team will be receiving updates on development and requirement analysis. This will make internal resources focus on other areas of the business.
  • Application maintenance and support is also a key factor after the application is developed. The internal staff can be relieved from the problems that the application raises and its timely maintenance.
  • Increase in quality of web applications due to access to technical expertise and highly skilled React Native application developers. Complex web applications require teams such as development, testing, and support. You can take advantage of the talent pool available with the web app development company. By making use of expert resources available at your disposal, you can get better quality work done.

It is very profitable for companies to outsource their mobile application development, as it reduces the overall cost, staff hiring, IT component purchase, and problems of team management.

Now that you have decided to develop a multi-platform application that targets both iOS and Android users at the same time, using React Native mobile app development services,there are many options available.

Let us now talk about what makes React Native app development company the best company to be outsourced among your options.

How to Select the best Among Better Mobile App development partners?

When outsourcing services to the web app development partners, it is very important to take time and make the right choice as this will affect the overall quality, time, and cost. What are the key factors that need to be considered when looking for a React Native app development company?

  • Technical expertise: The developer who is developing the application needs to be an expert in handling the React Native development framework. They should have updated knowledge on API requests as React Native has a lot of APIs besides the ones in Native.
  • Experience: Prior knowledge of similar application development is highly efficient for time management and app development outcome. So, choosing the right person with good experience in development is very necessary.
  • Mature development processes: In the interest of developing the advanced feature web application, following the best practices is a crucial component by the app development partner, which also allows a quality application development with lower cost.
  • Established customer base: Make sure of the company and their added portfolio. Choose a company with an excellent customer base and good customer service, as this is essential for application maintenance and future upgradation.  
  • Presence in multiple locations: The company that you are outsourcing needs to have a team in various geographical locations. This will allow you to have good services and a team available to assist you in various time zones.
  • Cultural sensitivity: It is a key factor when providing services across different geographical locations. Proper communication knowledge is essential for long term engagement during application development.  

What to look for in your partner’s React Native App Development Portfolio?

Not all applications are the same. You would need developers with specific skills in developing applications of your need. So, outsourcing a company who has experience in handling varying degrees of complexity, and who can make timely changes based on your demands is essential for your outsourcing process. Now, how to choose the company that fits your requirement and technical needs?

Developing based on the key trend is essential for enterprise application development. Here, every component is necessary, and the same technical expertise is required for front-end development, UX design (ReactJS), database, backend design, and well-defined architecture.

Below is the list of 5 major categories of the apps that require scalability to support millions of users.

  • Messaging apps: These types of apps focus on bringing convenient and fast ways to bring people together. They focus on new ways to communicate via group chatting or video calling. Experienced developers with React Native app development knowledge are needed, as this revolves a lot around privacy, end-to-end communication, and other security features.
  • E-commerce apps: Every business that was only focusing on its offline business now wants to have its digital footprint. Here, providing the best UI that well matches the customer needs is challenging. Expert developers and designers need to design a shopping profile, add the categories, and make a secured payment gateway. Your app development vendors need to have good experience with E-commerce app development.
  • Productivity apps: Many aspects with productivity apps are those that save time and provide useful functionalities. They tend from simple calculator apps to complex engineering calculation applications. If your app development vendor has experience in designing and developing productivity apps, then you can choose them.
  • Social media apps: Apps like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, which are always in the buzz come under this category. They generate a lot of user-generated content. Good app development service vendors need to have experience in designing secured social media apps.
  • Entertainment apps: Entertainment app providers like Amazon Prime video, Netflix, music apps like YouTube Music, Spotify, come under this category. Entertainment apps have a lot of data that needs to be retrieved from the database in real-time. Hence, the React Native app development company needs to have experience in designing and developing such real-time applications.

If the vendor chosen for the app development has experience in designing and developing two or more categories of an app, then that means that the company has the infrastructure and developers with the right skills to design, develop, and deploy complex mobile applications.

Who We Are and Why We Are Counted Among The Best?

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