Amid these trying times, I personally wanted to convey my heartfelt support and solidarity with you, your families and your colleagues. These are hard times but together we will come through stronger.

This is an unprecedented pandemic, one that took businesses and countries by surprise with its speed and intensity. Even though all our delivery centers are equipped with redundant high speed internet connections, UPS backed by generators, redundant facilities across cities and countries, the highly contagious nature and rapid global spread of the Covid-19 has resulted in governments having to impose curfew, lock downs and social distancing which meant that our teams could not work from these well-equipped facilities.

At Flatworld Solutions, excellence in serving your business and ensuring the health and well-being of our employees, partners and the communities in which we operateis our topmost priority. I am proud to say that in the midst of this confusion and turmoil our global teams have rallied together, and we have ensured business continuity for you while ensuring that the safety and health of our staff is not compromised. We have also had to make significant investments in enabling our teams with the equipment, devices and applications required for them to work remotely.

We are glad to say that in keeping with the directives of the government and public health authorities, we have been able to rapidly deploy our workforce to either work from home or in a secure location that implements social distancing and the necessary safeguards.

Here’s a quick overview of the teams across multiple cities.

Chandigarh, India 400+ people moved to remote working
Pune, India 100+ people moved to remote working
Bangalore, India 2,000+ people moved to remote working
Chennai, India 100+ people moved to remote working
Davao, Philippines 1000+ people moved to remote working

To support this workforce our IT teams haveset up secure remote access via VPNs or VDIs. The teams are also enabled with tools for remote collaboration.

We thank you for your support and understanding and assure you of our commitment and excellence. I believe that together we can expand possibilities and achieve what we did not think was possible.

David Antony
CEO, Business Solutions